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Microsoft Tech Days 2009

I just got confirmation that I will be speaking for two sessions at Microsoft Tech Days 2009 in Montreal! I will present sessions 1 & 3 :

Session 1: From Zero to Live Migration: How to Set Up a Live Migration – Live migration is one key feature of Windows Server 2008 R2 which brings Microsoft’s dynamic datacenter vision one step closer. With live migrations, customers can move VMs from a host Hyper-V server to another without any perceived downtime. Come spend a session understanding what live migration is and how it will help you; and walk through setting up a live migration environment from start to finish..

Session 3: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Virtualization Considerations and Best Practices – Virtualization is one of the key industry trends. Organizations are virtualizing small departmental workload to critical workload to cut cost, provide business continuity and easier management of server. In this session, learn about virtualized SQL Server deployment and some the best practices for creating a virtualized SQL Server infrastructure. We provide insights on performance tradeoffs and cover topics such as using virtualization for business continuity. We also talk about the future roadmap for SQL virtualization. Learn about all aspects of SQL Server virtualization in this session.

That’s what I call a big challenge and I like it!